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Original Designer: Gene Bond


P51 Version Zero Version
Building material: FFF or Depron Building material: FFF or Depron
Wingspan: 24"x12"+4"Elevons Wingspan: 24"x12"+4"Elevons
Wing Area: 384 sqin Wing Area: 384 sqin
Wingload: 2.7oz/sqin Wingload: 2.7oz/sqin
AUW: 6.5-7oz AUW: 6.5-7oz
Prop 8x4HD Prop: 8x4HD
Battery: 2s830, 7.6A, 53w Battery: 2s830, 7.6A, 53w
Motor: 15t CDR Motor: 15t CDR
Thrust: 9.7oz Thrust: 9.7oz
Speed: 29mph Speed: 29mph
Power to Weight: 120w/lb Power to Weight: 120w/lb




Flight Report(s)

I pretty much hit my design goal on this one. It was to have a 4 channel alternative for front-yard flying, to replace/compliment my Mini-IFO.

It pretty much does it all, just a few odd tendancies, such as a roll-out of harrier rolls (must throw some rudder to it on exit), but not any worse than some of my other 3D planes. It's a real treat indoors, due to the light wingloading.

I'm not too happy with it as a 3D plane. It's too nuetral, and really wants to use rudder to turn. By loading it up nose-heavy, and using the shorter tail fuse version, it's acceptable, but not as good as I'd like. (at least the Zero version)

Other information

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