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AS3X motherboard with its integrated rudder and elevator servos as installed in the E-flite UMX Gee Bee R2

AS3X (Artificial Stabilization 3 aXis) refers to a MEMS three-axis stabilization system developed by Horizon Hobby of Champaign, Illinois USA.

Introduced in October 2011 with a six-week "viral video" campaign leading up to the unveiling, the system is integrated into a growing line of E-flite ultra-micro (or UMX) fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. It provides varying levels of gyro-assisted stabilization which allows smaller aircraft to behave as though they are much larger, especially in windy conditions.

It does so by rapidly oscillating the control surfaces in response to wind and turbulence and requires no input from the pilot beyond normal control input. Once the system is armed by advancing the throttle, the AS3X system responds to normal handling of the aircraft by attempting to compensate for change of direction. The sound is similar to that made by "chattering" and defective analog servos but is considered normal; it is simply the system at work.

All UMX/AS3X models are presently bind-and-fly only and are compatible only with Horizon's Spektrum and JR brand spread spectrum radio systems as well as Futaba radios fitted with a Spektrum RF module. The motherboard and aileron servos are available as service parts, allowing the AS3X system to be fitted to early Horizon micro models or those from other manufacturers.





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