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The Airfield RC A6M Zero is an all-EPO electric large-scale warbird manufactured by Airfield RC and distributed by online hobby retailers and of Los Angeles, California USA.

It comes in both ARF and RTF versions and a choice of two color schemes. The green version represents a land-based Mitsubishi A6M of the Imperial Japanese Navy while the gray version shown at right represents a carrier-based version.

RTF versions come complete with an Airfield RC six-channel 2.4GHz sport radio and a Gens Ace 3300mAh four-cell lithium polymer battery.

Both versions come with a preinstalled Airfield 580Kv brushless outrunner, a Hobbywing Skywalker 60-amp ESC, 9g and 25g servos and electronically cycled, two-stage retracts. The servos which operate the flaps are designed to operate slowly and to scale when a radio with a switchable channel for flaps is used. The radio supplied with the RTF version utilizes a control knob which operate the flaps in a linear fashion.

Flight characteristics

The Zero's large size contributes to excellent ground handling characteristics as well as excellent, smooth flight characteristics. Torque from the 15" scale propeller allows the Zero to become airborne quickly, but a steady hand on the rudder is necessary for the straightest possible tracking down the runway.

It is capable of the kinds of aerobatics associated with a warbird, e.g., loops, rolls, inverted flight and stalls.

Despite the Zero's seemingly heavy flying weight and scale flight surfaces, wing loading is rather light and landings should be executed smoothly with a slight application of power. Flaring early may result in the model becoming airborne once more, especially with the added lift of the flaps.


  • Wingspan: 57" (1450mm)
  • Length: 44" (1118mm)
  • Flying Weight: 88.18 oz (2500g)
  • Servos: Seven 9g; one 25g for elevator operation
  • Battery (RTF): Gens Ace 3300mAh 4S 20C lithium polymer with Nitroplanes power connector and JST-XH balancing tap
  • ESC: Hobbywing Skywalker 60-amp brushless with 5A UBEC
  • Motor: Airfield 580Kv brushless outrunner
  • Propeller: 15" scale multiple-piece three-blade with scale spinner
  • Retracts: Airfield digital direct-drive servoless with electronic sequencing
  • Transmitter (RTF): Airfield 2.4GHz spread spectrum sport aircraft with digital trims, servo reversing, V-tail mixing and delta wing mixing
  • Receiver (RTF): Airfield 2.4GHz spread spectrum aircraft
  • Operator skill level/Age: Intermediate/advanced; 14+
  • Price (USD): $329.00

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