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The ArmSafe arming system kit
The parts of the system are laid out in this photo. Kit is the 14AWG version
A modified Deans Ultra-Plug is utilized as an arming plug and is available separately in case of loss or damage
This is the kit in the above photos shown installed on a World Models P-51 and with the arming plug in place
Same model shown with the arming plug removed

The ArmSafe or ArmSafe Arming System is an onboard safety device for electric R/C models developed and manufactured by Schumacher Products LLC of Belmont, New Hampshire USA.

The system utilizes Deans Ultra-Plugs with a modified male plug as a means of safely connecting and disconnecting power at the outside of a model. It does so by means of a female connector serving as a shunt with the positive lead of the model's ESC. When the modified male connector is plugged in, it completes the circuit and arms the model. Removing the plug shuts off power.

Each kit consists of the modified male connector, an unmodified female connector, a plastic housing and aluminum backing ring to secure the female connector to the model, .060" setscrews with pointed tips to secure the female connector to the housing, shrink wrap tubing, mounting screws and an 18" (46cm) length of flexible silicone-jacketed wire.

Three kits are available, differing only in the gauge of the flexible silicone wire needed to wire the system. The 14AWG kit is suitable for small park flyer and other low current models. Small to medium models can use the 12AWG version while the 10AWG version is best for large models.

Modes which require the removal of the the wing in order to install and uninstall the battery will benefit greatly, but the system will add a measure of safety to any electric model.

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