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Armattan Quadrocopters CNC 258 quadcopter. The black propellers are at the front of the model in this instance, but may be substituted for the orange units if desired
Armattan Quadrocopters Tricopter 258. This example is the all-carbon fiber version. Note the servo controlled tail mechanism beneath the green propeller
Armattan Quadrocopters CF 226 quadcopter. The frame is unconditionally guaranteed against breakage

Armattan Quadrocopters is a manufacturer of custom-built quadcopters.

The Taiwan-based company is operated by Chris Leroux, a Canadian living in Taiwan who began the company soon after he began building custom quads for users at Leroux continues to manufacture built-to-order quads and kits at a rate of approximately one per day.

Armattan quads are built from laser-cut and CNC-milled aluminum and carbon fiber. The control boards are the popular and effective "KK" series from HobbyKing; ESCs are now manufactured to Armatttan's specifications. They come flashed with the equally popular "SimonK" open source firmware designed specifically for multirotor use. Batteries are also sold under the Armattan brand.

Buyers can also choose a MultiWii control board, adding GPS capability along with headlock, self-leveling and altitude hold. The full-function Armattan Mullet control board, an updated version of the Naze32 Afro Acro board and loosely based on the MultiWii has recently been added to the product lineup.

On April 4, 2014, it was announced via Armattan's blog that a new series of motors under the Armattan brand from Chinese manufacturer T-Motor had been developed specifically for Armattan acrobatic models.

April 25 brought the announcement of the CF 226, an acrobatic mini-quadcopter frame. The all-carbon fiber frame may be unique in the hobby industry as the first R/C product backed by a fully transferable lifetime warranty. Should the arms or center plates break, they will be replaced for free. The warranty does not extend to the 1mm thick control board cover plate, nylon hardware or electronics. That same warranty was extended in late August to include all Armattan carbon fiber frames thanks to the use of improved carbon fiber.

In late 2015, Armattan Productions was announced. This is a revolutionary concept where all of Armattan's original designs were made open source and where users can now submit original plans and ideas for manufacture in Taiwan. It also gives users the opportunity to market their products and designs either directly through Armattan Productions or through their own online storefronts.

Current models

The current Armattan model lineup consists of the following:

  • CNC 258, a small yet super-high performance aluminum quadcopter built for speed. It measures only 10.5" (258mm) motor to motor, yet is powered by motors intended for a much larger machine. It is designed to be as resistant to crash damage as possible, is an excellent beginners' platform yet is capable of extremely high speeds and, depending on the control board settings, flips. A lightweight carbon fiber version is available for even greater performance.
  • CNC 355, a larger version of the CNC 258. It is less resistant to crash damage due to its larger size, but is easier to see. A carbon fiber version is available.
  • M Series, an inexpensive line of quadcopters based on Leroux's original designs. Parts are both plentiful and inexpensive; the models are the least expensive transmitter-ready quads on the market.
  • Armattan One, the lightest and fastest quad in the model lineup at the time of its introduction, measuring only 260mm motor-to-motor. Leroux credits user "Creepy1" for his aid in developing this model with its one-piece, laser-cut aircraft aluminum frame.
  • V-Tail, unique, V-tailed quadcopters based on both the CNC 258 and CNC 355. Developed in conjunction with contributor and engineer Andrew Meyer, the models feature downward-pointing motors on the V-tail and may be fitted with Armattan's GoPro camera mount.
  • Tricopter 258 and 258 CF, again based on the CNC 258 and CNC 355 and developed with the aid of Andrew Meyer. Available in either aluminum or carbon fiber, the Tricopter features an enclosed, gyroscopically stabilized tail mechanism pivoted via a metal-geared 9g digital servo and is designed for high-performance flying. They too may be equipped with a GoPro mount. The carbon fiber version is presently available as a special order item, but will soon be added to the regular product lineup.
  • CF 226, a fully acrobatic mini-quadcopter and the first in the hobby industry backed by a lifetime warranty against breakage of the arms or center frame.
  • FPV Rev. 2 TILT and TILT Hexacopter, 333mm first person view platforms with a GoPro camera mount which may be tilted per the pilot's preference.
  • Armattan Minis, a line of extra small quadcopters and hexacopters ranging in size from 155mm to 180mm. Though small enough to fly indoors, these models are quite fast and are suitable for both racing and FPV use.

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