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The Blade mCP X has a large number of aftermarket parts available from a variety of manufacturers. This list aims to provide information about the most useful of these upgrades and is by no means complete. The brand sections may eventually be moved to sub-pages to provide room for more detail and information.

Astroid Designs

Astroid Designs is one-man-show run by dylwad which produces delrin and carbon fibre parts, and distributes parts for mCP X upgrades. Primarily focused on brushless upgrades.

Carbon fibre frame cage

This cage reinforces the stock plastic frame to reduce vibrations, and provides additional support for the canopy pins to prevent them from breaking. The 3-in-1 can be mounted with gyro tape to isolate it from the helicopter.

Carbon fibre frame brace

Cutting the stock plastic frame to install a brushless motor removes a significant amount of structure which leaves the frame with reduced rigidity. Astroid Designs' carbon frame braces help reinforce the frame. The frame brace comes in two flavors: The basic brace which slips over the landing gear posts at the bottom of the frame, and the tail boom support brace which comes as a kit that includes braces for the tail boom to protect against boom breakage during a crash and reduce flexing during flight.

The frame brace is recommended for all brushless setups using the stock plastic frame.

Delrin battery mounts

The delrin battery mounts replace the battery mount on the stock frame (requires cutting), but provide a variety of options for different battery numbers and sizes. Particularly useful for 2S and 3S setups. The mounts are either glued or screwed onto the stock landing gear.

Delrin tail motor mounts

A series of delrin tail motor mounts which provide a simple way to use a variety of tail motor configurations on the mCP X. The mounts are placed onto the end of the tail boom and locked in place with either a small carbon plate or a variety of carbon tail fin options.

The mounts come in a variety of sizes for both 2mm (stock) and 3mm (120 SR size) booms. There are a variety of configurations available for each motor size, but, primarily they come in: 6mm (stock size), dual-6mm, 7mm (Walkera 4G3), dual-7mm, 8mm (120 SR), and HP03t brushless.

Plantraco RRC 65mm tail rotor

Not an original Astroid Designs part, but probably the easiest place to get these tail rotors quickly. This is the best tail rotor to use with 120 SR (8mm) and brushless tail motors. Shiny side of blades should face to the right when looking at the mCP X from the rear. Clockwise rotation (flip motor or reverse power wires).

Rear anti-rotation bracket

The mCP X comes with an integrated anti-rotation bracket for the swash plate on the left side of the swash. The positioning of the bracket causes movement on the on the roll axis when attitude inputs are applied. Effectively acting like an undesired mechanical control mix. The best solution to this is to move the anti-rotation bracket to the rear of the frame. This bracket slips on over the rear of the frame and is installed with CA glue. An anti-rotation pin will need to be added to the rear of the stock swash or an aftermarket swash with one can be used.


KBDD is a US-based manufacturer of plastic composite parts. They manufacture a range of aftermarket plastic parts for the mCP X.

Main blades

There are two versions of the KBDD main blades. The regular blades, which come in white, blue, green, yellow, and orange, and the Extreme Edition PRO blase, which only come in pink. Feedback on the normal KBDD main blades was generally mixed, with many finding better durability and performance from the stock blades (especially with the stock motor). Generally performance on brushless mCP Xes is better, but durability is not as good as the stock blades due to the KBDD's tendency to chip and bend during blade strikes. However, the performance of the Extreme Edition blades has received high marks from most pilots and especially improves response and performance with brushless setups. Durability is not noticeably different from the regular KBDD blades, though.

Tail blades

The primary advantage in the KBDD tail blades is their availability in a variety of bright colors, and their much-improved durability over the stock blades. Unfortunately the increased moment of inertia of the heavier blades makes for a less consistent and precise tail. If durability and visibility are more important factors the KBDD tail blades should be considered.

Landing gear

KBDD has recently (April 2012) released a set of landing skids for the mCP X which are significantly more durable than the stock skids. They are available in white, green, yellow, pink, blue, and orange. The frame pegs may need a slight reduction in thickness to fit comfortably in the stock frame.

O-rings on the mCP X

Silicone O-rings

Main article: Blade mCP X O-rings

Silicone O-rings can be used as dampeners between the various head and swash parts to reduce play and improve responsiveness. There are 4 sizes of O-rings which can be used on the mCP X:


Microheli silver aluminum swash, head, and blade grips

Aluminum head set

The big advantage to the aluminum head set is the reduced play in the head mechanics. Especially with the aluminum swash and head. As the aluminum swash wont flex like the stock swash, and the aluminum head bolts firmly onto the mainshaft.


The swashplate comes in two versions. The first version, which has the anti-rotation pin on the normal left side of the swashplate, and the latest X version which has the anti-roation pin on the back of the swash for use with a rear AR-bracket. Which can either be Microheli's carbon fibre frame or the Astroid Design's rear AR-bracket for the stock frame. The rear AR-bracket removes the mechanical mixing effect that the stock AR-bracket location tends to cause. The X swash's rear AR pin is a screw-in aluminum piece. It also includes a short length of carbon rod to insert on the left side of the swash for normal AR-brackets.


The primary benefit to aluminum heads is their bolting mechanisms which go all the way through the head. This prevents the mainshaft cracking which occurs with the stock head. The Microheli head has closed loops through which to slide the swash links, but requires shaving of the link plastic to fit through the slots.

Blade grips

The blade grips are probably the least useful of the aluminum replacement parts, as they don't address any design flaws with the stock parts (e.g., the flexibility of the plastic swash or the poor connection to the main shaft on the stock head). Microheli's generally poor bearings also detract from the usefulness of the upgrade.

The Microheli blade grips includes a pair of large and small spacers. The large spacers take up more slack between the blade grips and the head, but with the O-ring modification mentioned above, it is best to use the stock spacers.

Carbon fibre frame

Rakon Heli (RKH)

Aluminum head set

Swashplate, head, blade grips

Carbon fibre frame


3-in-1 brace

Xtreme Heli

Aluminum head set

Swashplate, head, blade grips

Carbon fibre frame

Alternative blades

The blades supplied with the Syma SO22 Chinook helicopter work well indoors at less cost. They are cambered Fixed Pitch style blades, that will hover at a lower head speed, softening the controls and causing less damage in a crash. They are also less brittle.

A number of manufacturers also make carbon fibre blades for the mCP X. These are not recommended, however, as they are brittle and likely to cause damage to the head parts and mainshaft in a crash.

Alternative Feathering Shaft

The feathering shaft from the Walkera 4G3/4G6, HeliMax CP/125CP are the same size, and cheaper (but doesn't come with the washers, dampers and bearings) They come with hex head screws which will require some sanding of the grip ends of the blades so as not to hit the longer headed screws. These shafts are softer than the standard ones, and will bend more easily.