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Original designer: Gene Bond


IPS Version CDRom Version
Building material: FFF or Depron Building material: FFF or Depron
Wingspan: 24" Wingspan: 30"
Wing Area: 130 sqin Wing Area: 200sqin
Wingload: 5oz/sf Wingload: 5.25oz/sqft
AUW: 4.5oz AUW: 7.3oz
Prop 9070rs Prop: 8040HD
Battery: 2s340 pack (250 & 700 also fly fine) Battery: 2s830
Motor: IPS-A Motor: 15t/24g GBv


IPS version

CDRom Version

Flight Report(s)

So far, everyone has reported favorably. I know I enjoy this plane for a simple fun-flyer that doesn't take long to replace if you totally trash it with a one-point landing.

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