Cemech Pigi-3D

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The Cemech Pigi-3D was an all-EPP, fully aerobatic, four-channel ARF R/C airplane.

Introduced circa 2003 by Cemech of Prague, Czech Republic and sold in North America by Hobby Lobby International of Brentwood, Tennessee USA, the Pigi-3D was one of the earliest examples of aircraft specifically designed for 3D flight. At the time, 3D - or hovering and slow flight in a near stall - was largely frowned upon by most R/C pilots. The Pigi-3D is largely credited with bringing 3D flight into the mainstream.

Of other historic interest is the fact that the 2003 review listed below was written during the transition from nickel cadmium batteries to lithium polymer. It is shown in the author's amazement regarding the capability of the li-po pack.

Though the Pigi-3D is discontinued, a modern alternative might be found in the ParkZone VisionAire BNF with AS3X stabilization.

Known specifications

  • Wingspan: 40.5" (1030mm)
  • Length: 39" (990mm)
  • Wing area: 558 sq. in. (36 sq. dm.)
  • Flying weight: 27.5 oz. (780g)
  • Battery: 1500 - 2100mAh 3S lithium polymer
  • Motor: Hobby Lobby PJS-1000 outrunner or equivalent
  • ESC: 40-ampere brushless
  • Propeller: APC 11x4.7 SF

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