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The Dualsky LiPoMate is a compact, portable battery balancer designed for use with multiple-cell lithium polymer and lithium ion battery packs. It is manufactured by Shanghai Dualsky Models Co., Ltd. and sold in North America through 2DogRC.com of Fayetteville, North Carolina USA.

The LiPoMate plugs into the balancing lead of most lithium polymer packs up to six cells, displaying the individual voltage reading of each cell on an LCD display. No internal battery is required since the LiPoMate is powered directly via the battery it is measuring.

If the total pack voltage is imbalanced between cells, the LiPoMate will discharge individual cells and/or reroute power to them in order to balance the pack at a rate of 50mA. Balancing stops as soon as each cell is of equal voltage.

It can also be used to balance cells during charging on older chargers which charge through the power leads of the battery and which do not feature a balancing function.

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