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The Dynam RC P-51D Mustang is an all-EPO R/C scale electric warbird manufactured by Shenzhen Dynam Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen, China. It is distributed in North America by online discount hobby retailer Nitroplanes of City of Industry, California USA and is available as a near-RTF version with a Dynam five-channel sport radio system and a Dynam 2200mAh 3S lithium polymer battery or as an ARF less radio and battery.

Both versions come with full hardware, a small phillips screwdriver, a 1.5mm allen wrench, a spare three-blade propeller, two tubes of contact cement, diecut pressure-sensitive decals and a predecorated pilot figure with its own foam-safe CA for mounting it. Servos are 9g analog versions from Dynam's Detrum brand.

The model was originally released in 2011 as a retract-ready version with fixed gear; in 2013, an upgraded version was released with preinstalled electric retracts.


The model represents Feeble Eagle, a P-51D flown by ace pilot Lt. Col. Glenn Eagleson of the 353rd Fighter Squadron, 354th Fighter Group in Rosières-en-Haye, France. Eagleson scored 18.5 kills in Feeble Eagle and later went on to score two kills in the Korean War in an F-86 Sabre jet fighter.

Non-prototypical details on the model include a three-blade propeller and invasion stripes.

Flight characteristics

Overall flight characteristics are excellent with no bad habits. The top speed is somewhat reduced by the non-scale three-blade propeller, but is still relatively fast with a claimed 50MPH (80km/h) top speed.

Low speed handling is excellent as well with no tendency toward tip stalling. Ground handling is excellent as well.

Landings performed under gradually reduced power result in smooth three-point touchdowns.


  • Wingspan: 47" (1200mm)
  • Length: 41" (1050mm)
  • Flying weight: 38.8 oz (1100g)
  • Servos: Four Detrum 9g analog with two Dia self-contained retract systems
  • Battery (RTF): Dynam 2200 - 2650mAh 25C 3S 14.4V lithium polymer with proprietary connector and JST-XH balancing plug
  • ESC: Detrum 30A brushless with proprietary connector
  • Motor: Dynam BM3715A-KV820 brushless outrunner
  • Propeller: Dynam 11x7 three-blade electric
  • Transmitter (RTF): Dynam 2.4GHz five-channel sport radio with servo reversing, analog trims, aileron sub trim, non-proportional fifth channel for retracts and a throttle hold switch
  • Receiver (RTF): Dynam seven-channel with gear control channel and two auxillary channels
  • Operator skill level/Age: Intermediate/14+
  • Catalog number (both versions): DY8939
  • PNP/RTF prices through Nitroplanes: US$129.95/$149.00; $129.00 with fixed gear

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