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The EB Brands Iron Man Flying RC Extreme Hero is a toy radio controlled flying action hero marketed under license to Marvel Comics and The Walt Disney Company by EB Brands of Yonkers, New York USA.

Introduced in the late summer of 2013 with full distribution by early autumn, the toy is the invention of Greg Tanous, owner of RCSuperhero.com and was developed by him in conjunction with EB Brands. RCSuperhero.com is a mail order hobby site which sells human-shaped, life-sized flying models constructed from laser-cut Depron. By contrast, the Extreme Hero is constructed from 3mm EPS foam sheet with the airframe parts coated with printed plastic sheeting denoting Iron Man's suit of armor.

Guidance is accomplished via a one-piece electronic pod mounted beneath the "shoulders" of the airframe, a pod which includes the figure's head. Differential thrust, i.e., adjusting the speed of each coreless motor with their pusher-type propellers is how the toy is guided; there are no control surfaces.

Unlike many toys which steer with differential thrust, the patent-pending power system with its 2.4GHz proportional radio system and built-in lithium polymer battery is free-floating via a spring. This allows the pod and the head to pivot, with the head acting as a sort of rudder. The results are greatly increased control and a tighter turning radius than might otherwise be possible.

It was the subject of a September 20, 2013 article on CNN Money.

Iron Man is for children and beginning pilots age 8 and up and requires six AA-cell alkaline batteries to power the combination transmitter and charger. A pair of spare propellers is included.

Flight characteristics

Since it is based on a proven hobby-grade design, Iron Man flies amazingly well for a toy which steers via differential thrust with no tendencies toward stalling or loss of control. The pivoting power system works as advertised to greatly tighten turns while adding a measure of solid control. EB Brands claims that the toy will fly to a height of 200' (61m), but it is far more entertaining to fly and maneuver at lower altitudes.

Cruising speed is between half and full throttle with additional throttle used to climb the toy. It flies with a slightly "head up" attitude rather than parallel to the ground. EB Brands recommends that it be flown over a grassy area to prevent damage either during a crash or during landings.

Landings can be glided in, although they are more precise when some power is left on owing to the differential thrust system.

Flight times are in the six- to eight-minute range depending on the state of charge of the flight battery. Weak transmitter batteries might not charge the flight battery to its capacity; fresh transmitter batteries are a must.


  • Wingspan: 12.75" (323.85mm)
  • Weight: 2 oz (57g)
  • Length: 19" (482.6mm)
  • Height: 3" (76.2mm) at the highest point between the chest and upper back
  • Width: 4" (104mm)
  • Transmitter: 2.4GHz two-channel with analog trim and flight battery recharging cord
  • Receiver: Integrated with motors, ESC and battery
  • Battery: 3.7V 250mAh lithium polymer
  • Motors: Two 6mm brushed coreless
  • Propellers: Two 44mm pushers, counter-rotating for stability

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