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What is EFlightWiki?

EFlightWiki is a place for the online community to create, maintain and share documents related to electric RC flying.

Who is responsible for the articles on EFlightWiki?

You are! Truthfully, you can even edit this very FAQ, so long as each edit is helpful. This is a collaborative effort.

Who is responsible for the server, backups and other technical issues?

Leon is the site administrator.

Site X seems to be violating EFlightWiki's copyright. Do you guys know about this?

All text on EFlightWiki is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL).

Which wiki software does EFlightWiki run on?

EFlightWiki, and the other Wikimedia projects use the MediaWiki software to facilitate collaborative editing and storage of page histories.
For more information on MediaWiki see:

How big is EFlightWiki?

EFlightWiki currently has 500 articles in total (this article count is also available on the main page).