EFlightWiki Policies and Guidelines

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  • Respect other contributors and readers. People come from all over the world with a variety of opinions, religions…you don't have to agree with them, you just have to respect their right to be different from yourself.
  • Keep on target, only things related to electric RC flying should on this Wiki
  • Please keep a Neutral point of view (NPOV). This is very important. Wikipedia has done a great job of defining this, we will adopt their NPOV policy.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Neutral_point_of_view
  • Commercial influences should be kept to a minimum, this site provides a venue for the community to post content
  • External linking should also be kept to a minimum, the focus of this Wiki should be on local content
  • Wikipedia has a reasonable encyclopedia entry for Radio controlled airplane but by policy won't cover some things, so the EFlightWiki is ideal for tutorials, How To's, instruction manuals, plans and a jargon glossary.
  • A Wiki isn't a good place for asking questions about the subject, so please provide links to good discussion threads where possible.