EScale A6M5c Zero

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EScale A6M5c Zero

The EScale A6M5c Zero was a receiver-ready ARF scale foam warbird with working retractable landing gear. The model was distributed in North America by Hobby Lobby International of Brentwood, Tennessee USA. The brand is discontinued, but Hobby Lobby has a limited selection of parts remaining in stock as of February 2013.

Only minimal final assembly was required; an unbranded radio system consisting of a 1600mAh 3S lithium-polymer battery, four 9g analog servos, a 19g retract servo, a 30A ESC and a 970Kv outrunner was preinstalled. A five-channel aircraft receiver and suitable aircraft transmitter were required for completion.

Construction was of expanded polyolefin foam with vacuum-molded and injection-molded scale details including a three-bladed Sumitomo simulated variable pitch propeller, machine guns, cannons and a pitot tube on the leading edge of the left wing. A molded latex pilot figure is included. The finish and markings are protected against hangar rash to a certain degree by a clear coat.

The markings denoted a genuine Zero flown in 1945 by Japanese fighter ace Takeo Tanimizu.

Flight characteristics

The original Zero was designed to be both fast and maneuverable; early intelligence by the Allies was originally thought to be flawed and that such a plane was "aerodynamically impossible." Like the prototype, the A6M5c was highly manueverable and responsive with excellent straight and level flight characteristics. It was capable of most aerobatic manuevers but lacked the rudder area necessary to perform knife edge flight.

It turned in very quickly like the prototype; some exponential added to the aileron controls and possibly aileron/elevator mixing with the aid of a computerized radio may have proven helpful.

Landing the Zero was relatively simple, but some power needed to be maintained in order to prevent a tip stall prior to touchdown.


  • Wingspan: 39.4" (1000mm)
  • Wing area: 271 sq. in. (17.6 sq. dm)
  • Flying weight: 30 oz. (850g)
  • Length: 32.6" (829mm)
  • Wing loading: 9 oz/sq. ft. (255g/sq. dm)
  • Minimum pilot skill level: Intermediate
  • Available from: Hobby Lobby International, 5614 Franklin Pike Circle, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027 USA
  • Price (USD): $189.99

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