ElectriFly Yak-54 3D

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ElectriFly Yak-54 3D

The ElectriFly Yak-54 3D is a fully aerobatic electric ARF designed, manufactured and marketed by ElectriFly, a division of Hobbico, Incorporated of Champaign, Illinois USA.

The airframe is of traditional balsa/ply construction with a carbon fiber wing reinforcement rod and painted fiberglass cowl. It is covered in red, white, pearlescent blue and clear Monokote covering, making repairs easy to match.

Both the cowl and battery access hatch are secured by magnets, eliminating the need for latches and screws. Control surfaces are oversized to allow for ease of 3D and aerobatic flight; the control throws may be set for either sport flying or all-out aerobatics.

The model may be assembled with the modeler's choice of an inrunner motor and gearbox or an outrunner. Mounts for both are included with the kit.

The stock foam wheels with their high sidewalls and small hub are easily deformed whether through use or simply with the model resting on them. Du-Bro Micro Sport wheels may be substituted and will not deform like the stock parts.

Flight characteristics

Control is crisp and clean with either the sport or 3D setups, but the recommended APC 11x3.8SF slow flyer propeller sacrifices speed for torque. An APC 11x7SF slow flyer propeller will give more speed and is well within the propeller range of the recommended RimFire™ Ammo™ outrunner. The model is capable of virtually any aerobatic manuever, but that manueverability and a lack of self-righting characteristics make it unsuitable as a trainer.

Light wing loading and a generous wing area make for easy landings, but some power should be maintained for the smoothest possible touchdowns. Flaperon mixing can shorten both takeoff and approach, but is not absolutely necessary since takeoff is strong and landings are easy to perform at a small field.


  • Wingspan: 41" (1040mm)
  • Wing area: 356in² (23dm²)
  • Flying weight: 24-27 oz (680-765g)
  • Wing loading: 9.7-10.9 oz sq/ft (30-33g/dm²)
  • Fuselage length: 38" (960mm)
  • Factory requirements for completion: Four-channel radio with four micro servos; RimFire™ 35-30-950 outrunner (GPMG4590) or Ammo™ 24-33-4040 inrunner (GPMG5165) coupled with 24mm gear drive with 4.5:1 gear ratio (GPMG0505); APC 11x3.8SF slow flyer propeller (APC number LP11038SF or Great Planes number APCQ5017); 25 amp brushless ESC (GPMM1820); three-cell 1250-2100mAh lithium-polymer battery and compatible charger
  • Skill level: Intermediate/advanced
  • Catalog number: GPMA1542

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