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The FMS P-40B High Speed is an all-EPO warbird manufactured by FMS Model of Dongguan, City, China. It was developed in conjunction with FMS North American distributor Diamond Hobby of Tallahassee, Florida and online R/C discussion board

Available in two receiver-ready versions, the high speed variant listed here features a 770Kv brushless outrunner and 70A ESC. Combined with its scale four-blade propeller and a 2600mAh 14.8V lithium polymer battery, the P-40B High Speed is capable of speeds up to 100 MPH (160km/h). The standard speed version differs only in the electronics and the use of a 2200mAh 11.1V battery.

Both are fitted with FMS 9g metal geared digital servos for the ailerons, rudder and elevator. Flaps are actuated via 9g nylon geared servos. A factory installed electronic module serves as both a means of combining the aileron, flap and retract connections into single leads as well as to slowly deploy the flap servos.

The electronically controlled digital retracts rotate up and in like the prototype. Scale, spring loaded doors close over the retracts when raised and open as the gear are lowered. Bright, clearly visible LEDs serve as navigational lights in a scale-like setup embedded near the wingtips. Other scale details include simulated machine guns and sight, a simulated pitot tube, simulated variable pitch propeller hub and factory installed, painted pilot bust. The propeller features Curtiss Aircraft logos and nomenclature.

The model represents an actual combat-flown Curtiss-Wright P-40B Warhawk piloted by ace Robert T. Smith of the famed 1st American Volunteer Group of the Chinese Air Force, better known as the "Flying Tigers."

Flight characteristics

The P-40B is an excellent all-around flyer made even better by its high-speed capability. Cruising speed with the High Speed version is roughly half to three-quarters throttle. It is capable of all standard aerobatics, i.e., rolls, loops, stalls and inverted flight. Control at or near full throttle remains excellent, although the model's relatively small size and camouflaged paint scheme require the full attention of the pilot in order to maintain orientation.

Since the flaps deploy slowly and to scale, they do not cause the P-40B to balloon upward. Instead, they offer sufficient lift to allow the model to land easily under slight power. It is recommended that the flaps be used only when landing.


  • Wingspan: 38.6" (980mm)
  • Length: 32.5" (825mm)
  • Weight: 43.7 oz (1240g)
  • Wing area: 254 sq in (16.4 sq dm)
  • Wing loading: 0.17 oz/sq in (75.6g/sq dm)
  • Radio system: 2.4GHz computerized aircraft with a minimum of six channels
  • Battery: 2600mAh 4S 35C lithium polymer
  • Motor: 770Kv FMS PAEP 3648 outrunner
  • ESC: FMS-DT70 70A programmable brushless
  • Servos: Four FMS FMS-092 9g metal-geared digital; two FMS FMS-093 9g nylon-geared digital
  • Operator skill level/age Advanced; 14+
  • Price (USD): $209.99

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