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Switch low.JPG
Switch high.JPG
Fuselage-mounted electronics including a factory plug-in SuperTigre-to-Deans Ultra Plug adapter

The Flyzone Switch is a ready-to-fly foam model airplane designed and distributed by Flyzone, a division of Hobbico of Champaign, Illinois USA.

Made from Hobbico's proprietary Aerocell foam, the Switch is the first RTF model to incorporate a dual wing mounting system. The wing can be assembled in a high-wing configuration for training and converted into a low-wing configuration for sport flying in a few moments.

The difference is in the canopies; the high-wing canopy is reinforced as a wing mounting system while the low-wing bubble canopy is unstressed with no wing mounting capability. In low-wing configuration, the wing retaining pegs, servo leads and spar pass through existing holes in the side of the fuselage.

The wing and all control surfaces are held in place by powerful rare earth magnets, making final assembly and switchover of the wing configuration fast and easy.

The Switch comes with a either a pre-installed Tactic TTX404 2.4GHz four-channel radio system with a wireless buddy box system or as a transmitter-ready Rx-R version with the same Tactic SLT receiver used in the RTF. This same version can be used with the Tactic AnyLink system, a limited-range RF module designed to interface with several popular transmitter brands via the buddy box jack, whether 2.4GHz or 72MHz. Both versions feature a SuperTigre power system. Since the radio in the RTF version does not feature dual servo rate switching, control throws are mechanically changed by relocating the pushrods to the inner holes of the servo horns. A second Tactic radio is required to take advantage of the wireless training system. Binding of the two transmitters is easily accomplished by holding the trainer switch of the "slave" radio as the "master" is powered up. The bind is only temporary and the binding procedure must be repeated each time.

Flight characteristics

Flight characteristics in either configuration are exceptionally stable given the amount of wing area, wing dihedral and the nearly flat-bottomed semi-symmetrical airfoil. As a result, adverse yaw, or a tendency to drop the tail in a turn, occurs if no rudder is added in the turn. Top speed is approximately 45 MPH (72km/h) with an estimated propeller pitch speed of 49.8 MPH (80.1km/h)

Some aerobatics are possible, including inverted flight. Considerable elevator input is needed for inverted flight, again owing to the wing design. The recommended control surface throws in the high-wing setup limit the model's overall aerobatic capabilities.

Landings are simple to perform; the generous wing area allows the Switch to glide well.


  • Wingspan: 45" (1145 mm)
  • Wing area: 419 sq in (27 dm2)
  • Wing loading: 14 oz/sq ft (43 g/dm2)
  • Flying weight: 2.5 lbs (1130 g)
  • Length: 42" (1065 mm)
  • Motor: SuperTigre .10
  • Battery: SuperTigre 1800mAh 3S lithium polymer
  • ESC: SuperTigre 30-ampere
  • Radio system Tactic TTX404 four-channel 2.4GHz with wireless trainer link
  • Catalog number: HCAA2530