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The Sky Fly assembles in a few minutes. It goes together well - no adjustments were needed. Although the instructions say that weight may be needed, the CG was fine on mine as built out of the box. It comes with a peak charger that has a cigarette-lighter plug and a 120vac adapter.

The Sky-Fly flies well. Rises off the ground with no trouble at all. It can fly very slowly like a Slow Stick. Winds were between 3-9 MPH. The plane handled the wind fine. I was flying in a too-small field for the amount of wind today and had a few crashes as a result. The last one broke the prop. This is my fault, and the plane would be in good shape had I gone to an appropriately-sized field. There were a few chunks taken out of the main wing from the various crashes. A beginner should probably pick up a spare wing along with the Sky Fly, while someone with some experience and the discipline to fly in reasonably-sized areas would not need a spare.

It nosed-in hard a couple of times. The threaded knob that holds on the front wheel bent. I can straighten this out and perhaps use a bit of tape to hold the front-wheel in place. The landing gear itself was fine, just the bolt that holds it in.

The control system is a pull system. A rubberband on the control horn acts as the second 'pull.' On-plane trim adjustment is through a knob on each control surface that tightens or looses the pull line. This is very convenient.

It was a little windy to get a feel for the begginner mode. The manual says it simply mixes in a little up elevator when turning.

  • Wingspan: 40" (1015mm)
  • Length: 32.25" (820mm)
  • Weight: 17.3oz (490g specified, my AUW is 472g)
  • Price: $99 seems about average.
  • Radio: 3 channel 27 Mhz w/'beginner' mode switch that mixes up elevator when turning.
  • Motor: 380 size brushed
  • Battery: 6-cell 900mAh NiMH (HCAA3850)
  • Charger: includes 12 v peak charger with cigarette lighter plug and a w/120 vac adapter for the charger
  • Wing loading: 11.8 oz / foot^2 ( wing loading table - slow stick 4 oz/sq ft)

  • needs 8 AA batteries for the transmitter


  • I love the tricycle landing gear. Touch and goes are going to be a blast with this plane. ( I think it convinved me to add a P-49 Aircobra (trike) to the build list this summer. )
  • Very visible plane.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Complete package - especially with both 120VAC and 12VDC charging ability.


  • radio range is specified as 500 feet
  • There is a delay from stick movement to control-surface movement. This gives the plain some flying 'character.' Others did not notice this, so maybe it is just me.
  • There is very minimal control-surface movment. In the bit of wind today, I found I generally through the stick to the extreme range of motions. This would develop bad habits, and a beginner would have trouble with over-controlling when he moves to a second, more traditionally controlled plane.

In the end, I like this plane. On a calm day in a medium-sized field this plane will be very relaxing to fly, probably very similar to a Slow Stick.



There is another flight review at RC Groups

rcgroups post: "I have a Sky Fly and I love it!It flys smoothly for a relaxing day of flying.I also have a Aerobird and though they are different planes,I am beginning to favor the Sky Fly.I agree about the controls require more input than other planes,but that makes it easy to fly and would be a great plane for a beginner.Overall I was impressed considering the price."

info on repair

advice on the rubber-band control pulls