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The HobbyKing FlyBeam or Flybeam is an all-EPP plug-n-play R/C airplane distributed by Hong Kong-based internet retailer HobbyKing.

It is unique given its ability to be flown at night. 131 high-intensity LEDs and two wingtip strobes embedded inside the aerobatic high-winged sport model completely illuminate it from within. Since the lights are mounted behind the foam rather than on the outside, the "halo" effect generally given off by moving LEDs is eliminated. Power to the LEDs may be connected and disconnected by unplugging the individual boards for daytime use. A switch may be installed as well.

A 2200mAh 11.1V lithium polymer battery with XT60 connector and an aircraft radio system with at least four channels is required.

Flight characteristics

HobbyKing advises against flight times of more than four minutes or full throttle for more than 25 seconds. Even at lower throttle settings, the FlyBeam is a relatively fast flyer. Overall flight characteristics are excellent and the FlyBeam is capable of basic aerobatics. It tracks well during takeoff and is easily landed with minimum power. Its size makes it easily transportable and an excellent choice for smaller fields.

Night flying is remarkably easy to do, even for first time night flyers. The FlyBeam is easily seen at a distance and orientation is not lost thanks to the colors and intensity of the lights as well as the shape of the model. The strobes aid in making orientation easy on final approach.


  • Wingspan: 43" (1092mm)
  • Length: 35" (898mm)
  • Flying weight: 39.5 oz (1120g)
  • Motor: HobbyKing 4018 outrunner; 950Kv
  • ESC: HobbyKing 30A w/BEC
  • Servos: Four 9g

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