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The Hobby Lobby Mini Telemaster is a three-channel, beginner-to-intermediate level electric airplane kit manufactured and distributed by Hobby Lobby International of Brentwood, Tennessee USA.

The kit is the first park flyer version of the company's popular line of Telemaster aircraft first introduced in the 1960s and which were designed by German immigrant Alexander Engel. Engel's original design had a 70-inch wingspan; the Senior Telemaster spanned 96 inches. The largest version spanned a full twelve feet. The Mini Telemaster, the first Telemaster specifically designed for electric flight, spans 45 inches and was designed by Hobby Lobby engineer Tom Hunt.

Its name may be something of a puzzlement with its combination of Greek and English roots. Engel had a lifelong fascination with the English language and all things American and basically coined the name because he liked the sound of it.

The Mini Telemaster kit consists of laser-cut balsa parts, uncut balsa stock, full hardware, a decal sheet, instructions and full-sized plans. It has been praised on various internet forums for its ease of assembly, overall quality and gentle flight characteristics. It has also received praise as an excellent choice for first-time builders. No provision is made for the addition of ailerons, but an enterprising modeler can add them with relative ease.

For those who prefer to do as little building as possible, a pre-covered ARF version is available.


  • Wingspan: 45"
  • Wing area: 315 sq. in.
  • Flying weight: 19-21 oz.
  • Wing loading: 11.5 oz. per sq. ft.
  • Recommended motor: Uberall Nippy Black 280 outrunner or equivalent
  • Recommended propeller size: APC 8x6 slow flyer
  • Recommended battery: Seven-cell, 1100mAh nickel metal hydride; can be equipped with a medium-capacity lithium polymer pack
  • Recommended servos: Two Hitec HS-55 microservos or equivalent
  • Catalog number (kit version): HLA101
  • Catalog number (ARF version): HLA114
  • Average price (kit version): US$30

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