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The MDC F-14 is a swing-wing profile depron design by RCGroups user Maybz. It is designed to have a close-to-scale appearance without sanding or significant bending of the depron. It is reported to fly very well, with good performance from low speed high alpha through to vertical.

Ideal AUW is 340-400g (12-14oz).

Designer's recommended setup

  • Motor - Little Screamers Purple Peril or AXI 2208/26
  • Prop - APC 7x4
  • ESC - CC 18
  • Batt - TP1320 3s
  • Servos - two HS-55 (elevons) and one HS-65HB or similar for the sweep.

Alternative electronics

  • Cheaper servos: HXT-900s should also be suitable for elevons with slight enlargement of the cutouts in the foam. Turnigy TGY-1800A are a close match to the HS-55 dimensions and the specs are comparable, though servo extensions leads may be required due to short leads.
  • Motor: Designer's recommendations suggest 1400 to 1550kV, 25-45g, ~25mm diameter, 26mm length, 100-150W. eg:
    • BRC Hobbies A2212-10T 1400Kv (140W) Brushless Outrunner with APC 7x4" prop.
  • ESC: BRC 20A ESC

Materials required

  • 6mm depron (pre cut kit available - see links)
  • 2mm plywood for motor mount, control horns, swing wing mechanism parts. (Available as part of pre-cut kit)
  • 1.5mm (1/16") steel wire for swing-wing pushrods
  • 1mm depron or card for spacers and top deck strakes
  • 6mm x 1mm x 1m carbon fibre strip (wing spars, tail spar)
  • pushrods (2mm or 3/32" carbon recommended) and clevises
  • 3mm carbon tube if you wish to add the optional spar across the top deck. Can also use carbon strip.
  • Battery extension lead as ESC goes in tail and battery in nose.


As with most foamies, quick construction can be achieved by spraying foam-safe activator onto one foam part, and putting foam-safe CA on the other. This gives a couple of seconds to align parts before a strong bond is formed. The same approach works well with the carbon and wood parts, where the activator is sprayed on the foam and the CA placed on the wood/carbon. Servos can be held in place with low-temperature hot glue. Magnets can be used to hold the underside hatch shut.

External Links

The RCGroups thread contains plans (page 1) and build log (page 7 onwards): [1]

Pre-cut kits are available from: Northwest Cutout Service

Suitable power setup-up available from BRC Hobbies (UK) for £21 + P&P. (Note: motor-ESC connectors not included)