MIA Robo Trike

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A Robo Trike is shown in flight over a playground
Detail of an MIA Mini Robo Trike showing the articulated pilot figure which guides the model in flight
Aerial shot showing the pilot figure banking a Robo Trike into a left turn
Detail of a tandem Robo Trike
Converted GWS Slow Stick shown in flight
Alternate view of the converted Slow Stick in flight

The MIA Robo Trike is a series of electric R/C ultralight aircraft models designed, manufactured and sold by online helicopter aftermarket manufacturer MIA Micro Flight.

The models are the brainchild of site owner Mario I. Arguello and represent three-wheeled single and tandem ultralight aircraft.

Arguello's idea for small, lightweight models stemmed from his creation of a large electric ultralight model with an 8' (2.4m) wingspan which he built in the 1980s, well before the advent of more modern electric flight equipment.

Most Robo Trikes are constructed of machined aluminum and carbon fiber with nylon canopies and use standard discrete electronics. The articulated pilot figure(s) "steer" the model by leaning to the left or right in the same manner as that of a full-scale ultralight.

A kit is available to convert a GWS Slow Stick into an ultralight.

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