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This is a place for the online community to create, maintain and share documents related to electric RC flying. Anyone with an interest in electric RC flight can help contribute to make this site successful. Please feel free to add content, you don't need permission you just need to create yourself an account. If you want to just "test" posting try the "my talk" page. Leon

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Estes Proto X (<--click for full article).

The Estes Proto X is an ultra nano-sized RTF four-channel quadcopter distributed by Estes Industries of Penrose, Colorado USA.

As of its November 2013 release, the Proto X and its counterparts, the Revell Nano Quad and Hubsan Q4, held the record as the world's smallest production quadcopters at only 1.8" (45mm) square. In June 2014, the record was taken away by the 1.57" (40mm) square Cheerson CX-10. According to the review linked below, the Proto X is roughly the size of an ordinary saltine cracker. The frame and printed circuit board are one piece and their 100mAh lithium polymer battery originally was, according to Hobbico mail order division Tower Hobbies, considered non-replaceable. Batteries are now available through Estes and other sources and, as of early 2014, the Proto X became available with a white canopy with matching motor mounts. By August 2014, the model became available in a total of six colors: Red, yellow, green, purple and the original white and black. A lower price of US$29.99 was also announced, down from $39.99.

Revell's European version received the 2013 Best New Toy Award at the London Toyfair.

Despite the small size, the Proto X features full four-channel operation via a 2.4GHz radio system, gyroscopic stabilization and four coreless motors. Micro-sized, high-intensity red and blue LEDs aid in orientation and as a low battery warning. The LEDs glow steadily as orientation aids and begin to flash when the battery is depleted. They are bright enough to allow the Proto X to be flown in a darkened room. Propellers of contrasting colors aid in orientation as well; the gray propellers are at the front and the black propellers at the rear.

The Proto X comes with a four-channel transmitter, a USB cord for charging the flight battery via a computer or AC adapter, instruction sheets in English, French and Spanish and a spare set of propellers. Two AAA-cell alkaline batteries are required for the transmitter and are not included; a small phillips head screwdriver to remove the transmitter's battery hatch is required and not included.

Due to its small size and limited radio range, the Proto X is recommended for indoor use only.

Proto x wiki.JPG
Estes Proto X a tiny yet stable quadcopter.