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This is a place for the online community to create, maintain and share documents related to electric RC flying. Anyone with an interest in electric RC flight can help contribute to make this site successful. Please feel free to add content, you don't need permission you just need to create yourself an account. If you want to just "test" posting try the "my talk" page. Leon

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Armattan Quadrocopters (<--click for full article).

Armattan Quadrocopters is a manufacturer of custom-built quadcopters.

The Taiwan-based company is operated by Chris Leroux, a Canadian living in Taiwan who began the company soon after he began building custom quads for users at Leroux continues to manufacture built-to-order quads and kits at a rate of approximately one per day.

Armattan quads are built from laser-cut and CNC-milled aluminum and carbon fiber. The control boards are the popular and effective "KK" series from HobbyKing; ESCs are now manufactured to Armatttan's specifications. They come flashed with the equally popular SimonK open source firmware designed specifically for multirotor use. Motors, batteries and other accessories are also sold under the Armattan brand.

Buyers can also choose a MultiWii control board, adding GPS capability along with headlock, self-leveling and altitude hold. The full-function Armattan Mullet control board, an updated version of the Naze32 Afro Acro board and loosely based on the MultiWii has recently been added to the product lineup.

Arm cf 226 quad wiki.JPG
An all-carbon fiber Armattan Quadrocopters CF 226 quadcopter.