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MicroDAN 2505-2900Kv pusher prop motor

MicroDAN is a brand of high-end, hand wound brushless outrunner motors for pusher prop jets, flying wings and park flyers.

The brand is exclusive to online retailer GoBrushless.com of Ellenboro, North Carolina USA.

It is named for founder Daniel Sny who personally builds each MicroDAN motor by hand, importing only the stators, bearings and magnets. Sizes range from 14g to 58g with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Flying wing manufacturer Foam-Tec of Puyallup, Washington USA, a manufacturer which markets and sells via RCGroups.com, specifically recommends the use of the MicroDAN 2505-2900Kv in their high-performance Wingthing2 Depron flying wing. That motor coupled with the recommended APC 5.5x4.5EP Speed 400 prop gives a pitch speed of 114 MPH (183.5km/h) and an actual speed of approximately 100 MPH (160km/h).

Custom winds are available by request.

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