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The Magpie by Mountain Models is a foamy Trainer targeted at beginners that want to get the experience of building their own airplane. The Magpie is a kit consisting of pre cut beaded EPS foam wings, fuslage and Depron tail feathers. Two wing options are available; the Slow Flyer wing has a larger wingspan at 44" without aileraons, the Sport Wing is 40" and has Depron ailerons. The wings attach with rubber bands and can be swapped so the Magpie can be both your first trainer and your aileron trainer.

Construction is simple enough for the beginner and the kit comes with a manual that is also available as a PDF document online. Construction will take about 1 week of your spare time. Using 5 minute epoxy the kit could be assembled over a weekend in a concerted effort. At 44" the magpie is a large airplane by park flyer standards and requires a large area to fly, at least a football field. Both wings have a thick semi symetrical airfoil with lots of dihedral for stability.

Required Equipment

  • A Radio with 3 channels and 2 micro servos (4 channels and 3 servos for the sport wing)
  • GWS 350C, GWS 400E or equivelant brushless motor (both stick and firewall mounts are included in the kit)
  • Battery
  • Electronic Speed Controller
  • A foam compatible Adhesive such as 5 minute epoxy or Polyurethane
  • Some acrylic 'wing' tape or other covering material


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Flight Report

Slow Fly Wing

With the CoG correctly set the magpie is a docile and predictable trainer in winds up to 8mph. In winds below 5mph it is an ideal trainer from a flight envelope perspective. The large dihedral makes it virtually impossible to roll the model. Sustained abusive rudder input will cause the model to half roll into a dive with lots of time for the student to correct.

All the basic aerobatic training manouvers are possible except rolls. Lazy eights are easy and the model's large size gives good visual queues about its orientation. Stall turns are easy with a good dose of rudder input but the model tends to roll because of coupling as should be expected. Loops are tight and fast and the model does not loose altitide. Spins are possible with a closed throttle and full rudder/elevator input. Spin recovery is immediate and predictable resulting in a shallow dive and the aircraft recovers with a little up elevator almost instantly.

Landing are gentle and the Magpie is well mannered at low speeds. The Magpie glides well and it takes a lot of space to bleed off speed and get the airplane down. Understanding the landing pattern is key here as the model will not drop out of the sky when you shut the power off.

Sport Wing

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