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Multiplex Easy Glider Electric

The Multiplex™ Easy Glider is an R/C airplane distributed by Multiplex. It is available as a pure glider or a motor glider version with a brushed electric motor called the Easy Glider Electric. Another powered version called the Easy Glider Pro is also available, which includes a redesigned nose and motor mount that can accept outrunner electric motors. The Easy Glider and Easy Glider Pro are offered as kits, while the Easy Glider electric is available as both a kit or a receiver-ready version. Full house control is provided through rudder, elevator, and ailerons.

The Easy Glider is primarily constructed of Elapor foam, which makes it lightweight, resilient, and easy to assemble using regular CA glue. The wings are detachable from the fuselage for ease in storage and transportation. The wings attach to the fuselage using a long rod that also gives support to the structure. The aileron servos are installed in the wing, while the rudder and elevator servos are located inside the cockpit area. The tail control surfaces are actuated using plastic "snakes" that run along the fuselage. The receiver and battery, and BEC or ESC are also located in the cockpit area of the fuselage. The Easy Glider Electric is equipped with a Speed 400 brushed electric motor turning a folding propeller. The Easy Glider Pro version requires a separately purchased electric motor, ESC, folding propeller, and spinner. Multiplex offers a Power Pack that includes all of these parts.

The Easy Glider is a lightweight, docile sailplane that is relatively easy to fly. It performs well as an all-around sailplane for thermals or in slope soaring conditions. It can easily handle mild aerobatics, though the top speed is relatively low. Belly landings are easy with a long approach that can be significantly shortened through the use of optional spoilerons.

Multiplex Easy Glider specifications

  • Wingspan: 71"
  • Wing Area: 645 sq. in.
  • Overall length: 44.25"
  • Flying weight: 35 oz (Electric)


Motor Pod

The motor can be mounted in a pod located above the fuselage. This prevents damage to the motor or propeller in a crash or nose-first landing. It also keeps the prop out of view for AP or FPV cameras. The motor is generally mounted to an aluminum tube attached to the fuselage behind the wing.

Tail Mounted Servos

The tail servos can be mounted in the rear section of the fuselage instead of in the cockpit area. This helps with CG when larger motors are used.

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