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The Multiplex FunJET is an all-foam, electric pusher prop jet designed and manufactured by Multiplex Modellsport GmbH & Co. KG of Bretten-Gölshausen, Germany. The model is distributed in North America by Multiplex USA of Poway, California; the same distributor is responsible for distribution of Hitec radios and accessories.

As with all Multiplex aircraft models, the FunJET is molded of the company's proprietary Elapor foam. Unlike models made of fine-beaded EPS foam such as the GWS Formosa, Elapor is a flexible EPP-based foam similar to that found in "pool noodle" floatation devices. The FunJET is assembled with medium CA and accelerator. Use of epoxy, white glue or foam-safe CA is not recommended.

The model resembles a two-seat civilian experimental jet aircraft with reverse-swept trailing edges on the wings and twin vertical stabilizers. There are no landing gear; the FunJET is easily hand-launched and belly-landed. There are also no rudders on the twin vertical stabilizer surfaces. Rather, the FunJET is controlled via elevons. This requires the use of a radio system with elevon mixing; since the recommended upthrows and downthrows of each elevon are slightly different, use of a computerized radio is recommended as well.

Though it is a very stable flyer even at very low speeds, its lack of self-righting ability and extreme top speed potential make the FunJET unsuitable for beginners. It is recommended for use by intermediate to advanced R/C pilots.

The FunJET replaced the Multiplex TwinJet. It is roughly the same size but the single engine mount is more suitable for brushless motors. The FunJET is also faster and a slightly better flier than the popular TwinJet.

A FunJET has been flown indoors with about 30W, and there are examples with over 1kW. Extreme examples include the installation of a Kolibri miniature turbine, resulting in a true jet-powered FunJET.

FunJET Ultra

Released in 2010, the FunJET Ultra is made from stronger, higher density Elapor. A few minor changes have been made, such as removing the wingtip "tanks" that make this version slightly more aerodynamic, and a stronger motor mount. This model was released because people were pushing modified FunJETs to 120 MPH (190km/h) and beyond. The FunJET Ultra does not need many of the modifications that were required to keep a standard FunJET together at high speed. This one is for experienced pilots only!

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  • Wingspan: 31.29" (795mm)
  • Wing area: 232 sq in (15 sq dm)
  • All-up weight: 21 ounces (620g)
  • Length: 29.52" (750mm)
  • Airfoil: Semi-symmetrical; wings are reverse-swept and mounted midships at the fuselage sides
  • Recommended elevon control throws: Up: .47" (12mm); Down: .39" (10mm)
  • Recommended battery: 2100-3200mAh 3S lithium-polymer
  • Recommended motor: 300 watt, 28mm brushless inrunner
  • Recommended ESC: 37-ampere
  • Recomended propeller: 4.75x4.75 electric
  • Radio: Minimum three-channel with elevon mixing; computerized radio recommeded as well
  • Servos: Two nine-gram "nano;" one per elevon

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