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GN3-4005 Guru-Z Neon Fiber Frame

Guru-Z Neon Fiber Frame
Neon Fiber Frame(Side view of main frame)
Neon Fiber Frame(Front view)
Neon Fiber Frame(Top view)
Neon Fiber Frame(Bottom view)


The Guru-Z Neon frame is almost identical to the Compy300 fiber frame. Many parts are interchangeable.

The frame can accomodate a 5mm, 8mm or 12mm tail boom. This permits a electric tail rotor motor (ETRM) or a belt-drive configuration to drive the tail rotor. The 12mm tail boom can accomodate a TREX tail, and the frame can use the TREX main gear / auto system.

The frame is compatible with Esky Honey Bee FP and CP2 heads and main shafts, as well as Guru-Zs own FP head (identical to the HBFP head) or CP head. It is also able to accomodate 5mm shafts by using alternative bearing mount parts.

The Guru-Z Neon is a popular option for creating a fixed pitch belt drive (FPBD) electric micro helicopter. A kit is available for this configuration.


Class: 300
Length: 460mm
Width: 115mm
Main shaft diameter: 3mm
Tail boom size: 5mm
Suggested main blade: 260mm
Max. size of motor: 30mm(D) x 35mm(H)
Battery tray: 40mm(W) x 28mm(H)
Flying weight: 410-450g
Servo Layout: 90deg FP/ 120 deg CCPM (Stack up)
Compatible models: E-Sky FP, FP2, CP, CP2, King II, Belt CP, Blade CP, Walkera 4#,etc.


A well-designed fiber glass body which fit most of the 300class EP helicopter in the market, especially for fixed pitch heli.
The frame was made by fiber glass board and plastic, provided a durable and light frame for 300 class heli.
Lack of patience in the original landing skid? This frame provide durable and elastic landing skid will help you~!
Always finding place to put electronics? Here is the integrated gyro mount and extra space.
Adjustable motor mount, so you can have more choices~
Ultra Strong tail boom mount makes the body much more durable.
Screw lock tail boom for easy repair~!
Battery holder fits most of the 2S1P, 3S1P(<1300mAh) available in the market. Landing skid integrate two antenna mounts~

Suggested Setting

Can use the electronics from most 300 class EP ETRM heli. such as E-Sky FP2, E-Sky CP2, Eflight Blade CP can use this kit [EK1H-e004] E-Sky FP2 components including rotorhead, canopy, tail boom, main gear, 4in1 controller, motors, 1000mah 3S1P li-poly battery.

For belt-drive configurations, see recommendations for Compy300

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