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The ParkZone™ J-3 Cub was an early ready-to-fly, scale R/C electric park flyer-sized airplane distributed by ParkZone, a division of Horizon Hobby of Champaign, Illinois, USA. A slightly different version was sold under the Kyosho brand.

The J-3 was constructed of foam with a polymer outer skin. The fuselage consisted of two thinly molded halves with an internal framework of plastic. The wing and control surfaces were polymer with a foam core. Control surfaces were limited to elevator and rudder; the model steered via rudder alone. Steel pushrods with adjustable plastic clevises activated the control surfaces. ParkZone's "SmartTrak" software mixed a slight amount of up elevator with rudder input. Experienced pilots could easily disable the system with the removal of a small jumper on the onboard electronics system. Propulsion was via a geared 370 electric motor with a seven-cell, 600mAh nickel metal hydride battery pack. The Kyosho version utilized a 280 motor in the same basic gearbox. Electronics were ParkZone's proprietary 27 MHz three-channel proportional FM system. Servos were standard micro-sized; it is possible to install off-the-shelf discrete electronics in the J-3. The Kyosho used a standard discrete four-channel system.

Both the ParkZone and Kyosho versions were sold as complete, ready-to-fly packages which included a DC peak battery charger designed to plug into an automotive cigarette lighter socket. ParkZone included eight heavy-duty AA batteries for the transmitter while Kyosho provided an instructional video.

Cruising speed was rated at 20 mph/32 kph.

ParkZone specifications

  • Wingspan: 37.25" (950mm)
  • Overall length: 26.75" (680mm)
  • Flying weight: 15 oz (425 g)
  • Propulsion system: 370-series electric motor with gearbox
  • Radio: FM with three proportional channels for elevator, rudder and throttle
  • Trim scheme: "Cub Yellow" airframe with factory-applied black decals
  • Speed control: Combination ESC/receiver
  • Battery: 8.4V 600mAh Ni-MH
  • Approximate flying duration: 13 minutes
  • Approximate assembly time: 5 minutes
  • Transmitter range: 2500 ft (762m)
  • Available frequencies: All six allocated channels on the 27 MHz band
  • Landing gear: One-piece aluminum strut with three-piece foam and plastic wheels on steel stub axles
  • Catalog number: PKZ1100

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