Parkflyers R/C Cessna 182 Pro Series

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The Parkflyers R/C Cessna 182 Pro Series is a four-channel RTF, all-EPS park flyer sold and distributed by Parkflyers RC, LLC of Lakewood, New Jersey USA.

It comes with a Parkflyers R/C four-channel 2.4GHz radio system, 1400Kv brushless outrunner motor, 20A ESC and four nine-gram servos preinstalled. Assembly consists of little more than the installation of the tail surfaces and landing gear, bolting on of the wing and propeller and charging of the supplied 1300mAh 7.4V lithium polymer battery with the supplied variable rate battery charger.

Also supplied are illustrated manuals for the model, radio and charger, an instructional CD-ROM covering final assembly and setup and a spare propeller.

Flight characteristics

The model is intended for new users and flies well across its entire speed range, slowing to 15MPH (24km/h) for landing. Top speed is a claimed 60MPH (100km/h), but the speed at the propeller is closer to 55MPH (88.5km/h) with an actual speed of nearly 50MPH (80km/h). Advanced users can easily relocate the clevises at the control horns for additional throw and aerobatic capabilities consisting of rolls, loops and inverted flight.

Since it lacks a steerable nosewheel, ground handling is limited to steering via the rudder.


  • Wingspan: 38.5" (978mm)
  • Flying weight: 19.8 oz (561.3g)
  • Length: 28.5" (723.9mm)
  • Speed range: 15 - 50mph (24 - 80km/h)
  • Flight duration: Up to 18 minutes
  • Servos: Four nine-gram analog micro
  • Transmitter: Parkflyers R/C 2.4GHz four-channel spread spectrum park flyer aircraft with servo reversing, V-tail and delta mixing and analog trims
  • Receiver: Parkflyers R/C 2.4GHz six-channel spread spectrum park flyer aircraft
  • Battery: Parkflyers R/C 1300mAh 20C 2S lithium polymer with Deans Ultra-Plug connector and JST-XH balancing tap
  • Motor: Parkflyers R/C 1300Kv 80W brushless outrunner
  • Propeller: 8x6 three-blade plastic
  • ESC: Parkflyers R/C 20A brushless
  • Operator skill level/Age: Experienced beginner; 12+
  • Catalog number: 4304V3
  • Price (USD): $189.99

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