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The Parkflyers RC F4U Corsair is an all-EPO park flyer-sized RTF warbird distributed by Internet hobby distributor Parkflyers RC of Lakewood, New Jersey USA.

It comes more than 95% assembled out of the box, requiring little more than basic final assembly consisting of installation of the landing gear, wing, tail section and propeller.

A four-channel park flyer radio system, nine-gram servos and a 400-class 1250Kv brushless outrunner motor are factory installed. A 1300mAh 3S lithium polymer battery and AC-powered charger are supplied as well as an extended length phillips screwdriver for ease of installing the tail and an open end wrench for installing the scale three-blade propeller.

The rudder and tailwheel incorporate a hidden servo which operates both via a special servo horn. As a result, the Corsair has no exposed rudder pushrod and both the rudder and tailwheel operate with a great deal of authority.

The Corsair is intended for experienced beginning and intermediate modelers age 14 and up. It represents a Corsair used for publicity photos of legendary US Marines fighter pilot Major Gregory "Pappy" Boyington of squadron number VMF-214, the so-called "Black Sheep Squadron" of WWII.

Flight characteristics

With its light wing loading and overall light weight, the Corsair's flight characteristics are excellent. The top speed is approximately 45 MPH (72km/h), making it a great choice for beginning R/C pilots looking for a first warbird. The speed might limit aerobatics to some degree, but it increases the claimed flight time to between 17 and 20 minutes.

Parkflyers RC offers an upgraded motor, the custom-wound Power Star 3000 which greatly improves performance without the need to change either the battery or ESC.


  • Wingspan: 37.8" (960mm)
  • Weight: 20 oz (567g)
  • Length: 30.8" (782.3mm)
  • Construction: Expanded polyolefin fuselage, vertical stabilizer/rudder and wing; plastic coated expanded polystyrene horizontal stabilizer/elevator; steel wire landing gear struts; plastic wheels with foam tires; plastic pilot figure and scale details; polycarbonate canopy
  • Approximate speed range: 15 - 50 MPH (24 - 80km/h)
  • Servos: Four 9g analog, preinstalled
  • Transmitter: E-Fly 4BII four-channel 2.4GHz spread spectrum park flyer with servo reversing and analog trims
  • Receiver: E-Fly six-channel 2.4GHz park flyer
  • Battery: 1300mAh 3S 25C lithium polymer with Deans Ultra-Plug connector and JST-XH balancing tap
  • Motor: Brushless outrunner; 1250Kv
  • Propeller: 11x6 three-blade scale with spare
  • ESC: 20-ampere brushless
  • Claimed flight duration: 17 - 20 minutes
  • Operator skill level/Age: Experienced beginner/Intermediate; 14+

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