RA Cores Yak 55

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The RA Cores Yak 55 is a fully aerobatic, park flyer-sized profiler foamie kit designed, manufactured and sold online by RA Cores of Southbridge, Massachusetts USA.

Based on a design by RCGroups.com user "Leadfeather," the model with its 32" (813mm) wingspan is available in six different colors and three distinct versions:

The lighter versions are suitable for indoor flight; all are capable of 3D flight. It is sold as a bare airframe for those wishing to use their own electrics. A completion kit for the standard versions which includes a 24g 1300Kv outrunner, 10A ESC, one 9g aileron servo and two 5g servos for rudder and elevator with components sourced from HobbyKing is available. A separate completion kit for the lightweight 6mm Depron version for use with a two-cell lithium polymer battery is also available.

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