RC Aerodyne Beechcraft Duke B60

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This Duke B60 is shown here shortly after completion with the factory installed flat wingtips
The same model is shown retrofitted with the supplied, predecorated scale winglets. Model on the right is a Hacker Model Production Sbach 342

The RC Aerodyne Beechcraft Duke B60 is a large scale twin-motored all-EPO electric business plane sold and distributed online by by RC Aerodyne of Kent, Washington USA and manufactured to their specifications by FlyFly Hobby Manufacturing of Dongguan City, China.

The model is available either as an affordably priced kit which includes individually powered electric retracts or as a plug-n-play requiring minimal final assembly and the builder's choice of receiver and batteries.

A computerized aircraft radio with at least five channels and two 2200mAh 20C four-cell lithium polymer batteries with Deans Ultra-Plug connectors are required for the PNP; all electronics except for the retracts are required for the kit.

RC Aerodyne markets the Duke as a sort of "stepping stone" to their larger, composite scale business twins.

Flight characteristics

Once properly balanced - the example in the photo required several stick-on lead weights in the nose up in the landing gear wheelwell - the Duke flies very gently and much to scale. Unlike many electric twins which feature counter-rotating propellers, the Duke features motors which turn in the same direction per the prototype. Issues with torque often associated with model twins without counter-rotating propellers do not seem to be a factor during takeoff nor during flight.

Although the model may be capable of some aerobatic maneuevers, the scale-sized control surfaces and the prototypical subject itself may limit them. RC Aerodyne's own video shows their example being flown around the pattern with a single roll flown at one point. Control is excellent as is speed and the Duke presents itself beautifully when flown to scale.

Landings are quite easy and accurate when performed under power and with a long, shallow approach; the oleo struts and foam-filled rubber tires absorb any shock which might otherwise bounce the model back into the air.

An inexpensive and highly recommended upgrade is the use of two Master Airscrew MA1070T 10x7 (25x18cm) three-blade propellers. These perform far better than stock, giving the Duke a higher top speed without the vibration which may be caused by the stock units.


  • Wingspan: 63" (1600mm)
  • Wing area: 540.95 sq in (34.9 sq dm)
  • Weight: 88.2 oz (2500g)
  • Length: 52.66" (1490mm)
  • Motors (PNP): Two generic C3542 920Kv brushless outrunner
  • Propellers: Two 10x7 composite three-blade electric
  • Servos (PNP): Six EMAX ES08A 9g analog
  • ESCs (PNP): Two generic 45A brushless with Deans Ultra-Plug battery connectors
  • Operator skill level: Advanced; age 14+
  • Price (USD): $99.95 kit; $249.95 plug-n-play

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