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The Raiden Tech Zero Fighter-25 or NitroModel Zero Fighter-25 is an intermediate to advanced ARF warbird buildable with either .25 cubic inch two-stroke nitro or 450-series brushless outrunner electric power. It is distributed online via both and by Raiden Technology, Incorporated of City of Industry, California, USA.

The model, denoting a 1939 - 1945 Mitsubishi A6M5 Reisen or "Zero Fighter" and constructed of laser-cut balsa/ply with a molded, finished fiberglass engine cowl, optional fiberglass dummy drop tank and vacuformed Lexan canopy, is produced in China by an unidentified manufacturer. A full hardware package and 260cc plastic fuel tank are included as is a preinstalled hardwood engine/motor mount. To use electric power, one only needs to attach a plywood adapter to the front of the engine mount.

Likes and dislikes

Some of the positive aspects of the model include:

  • Excellent build and cover quality
  • Careful packaging of all components; unit is shipped double-boxed
  • Smooth, stable and fast flight characteristics with excellent glide ratio for final approach
  • Highly responsive ailerons with excellent roll characteristics
  • Capable of performing scale aerobatics
  • Choice of either glow or electric power; the model performs well in either configuration
  • Attractive, affordable purchase price; lots of model for comparatively little money
  • Steerable tailwheel
  • In most cases, the center of gravity is precisely where it should be without adding extra weight

Negative aspects include:

  • NO spare parts presently available from the distributor even though the model is currently in production
  • Poorly translated, sometimes illogical and even incomprehensible instruction manual
  • Engine is mounted with the cylinder pointing downward which makes starting slightly more difficult
  • No guidelines provided regarding necessary trimming of the cowl to clear muffler. Since different brands require different clearances, modeling skills are absolutely necessary in order to properly trim the cowl
  • No guidance regarding decal placement; decals are semi-scale and not all are historically accurate. The optional registration number of 61-108 (shown upside down as 801-19 in the model's promotional photos) is similar to that of the the only original Zero in flying condition left in the world, number 61-120 at the Air Museum Planes of Fame in Chino, California USA which was originally flown by the 261st JNAC in Honshu
  • No recommendations given regarding servo or propeller requirements. For the record, Hitec HS-81 servos or equivalent fit in the wing for aileron control while GWS Naro Pro servos or equivalent fit within the fuselage for rudder, elevator and throttle


  • Wingspan: 49.2"/1250mm
  • Wing area: 372in²/24dm²
  • Flying weight: 2.98lb/1.35kg
  • Fuselage length: 38.2"/970mm
  • Radio requirements: Four-channel aircraft radio with either 4 or 5 18g servos
  • Engine requirement: .25 cubic inch, .85 horsepower R/C aircraft engine
  • Motor requirement: 740-watt 450-series outrunner with 25 to 30-ampere ESC
  • Battery requirement: 14.8v 4S 2200mAh lithium polymer; two 3S 2100 mAh lithium polymer packs may be fitted in parallel
  • Suggested retail/online prices: US$199.95/US$79.99

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