Silverlit X-Twins Airhogs AeroAce

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This tiny RTF plane is available under a variety of names;

  • X Flying Club
  • Silverlit X-Twins
  • Airhogs AeroAce

It is very easy to fly and will fly in a small space (including inside the Sussex Model Centre, the record is 22 laps around the pilar...) It's also cheap and very easy to modify.


  • 3 channels, A, B, C - 27mhz
  • 130mAh 1S lipo
  Full River (Fentbattery) 452026HS10C 
  10C continuous discharge rate
  3C Max Charge rate 
  • 45mm counter rotating props


  • thrust 8-10g
  • 5.3 ohm 6mm coreless
  • 390mA draw per motor
  • 6-10 ohm motor possible replacement


  • stock weight:
    • biplane 19.68g
    • monoplane 17.02g
  • breakdown:
    • receiver including antenna but w/o charging socket and switch 1.35 grams.
    • Motor with leads and prop weighs 1.83 grams
    • Cell weighs 3.8 grams
    • Fuselage pod 1.4 grams
    • Top wing 3.42 grams
    • 2 bottom wings + 2 wing struts 1.8 grams [1]
    • Stab/rudder 0.71 grams
    • Tailboom assy 1.8 grams
    • Motor mounts 0.42 grams
    • Pair of wing stickers ?.?? grams
    • Four empennage stickers ?.?? grams


  • length 23cm
  • wingspan 23cm
  • weight 18grams

The Mods!

landing gear

easy lipo access

post #87

level flight

IR mods

RX/TX mods

spring mod

balancing props

actuator mod

LED mods

===decrease turn radius=== post #586

===slow down the xtwin/aeroace=== thread

different tail

no fuse

polyhedral wing


brushless AA

turn w/o throttle mod

low speed mod

planes made from xtwin/aeroace electronics

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