Skyartec Wasp Nano 100 CP

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Skyartec Wasp Nano 100 shown here with a strip of tape on one of the main blades. This was used by Park RC Models to determine proper blade tracking.

The Skyartec Wasp Nano 100 CP is a fully aerobatic RTF 100-class flybarless electric helicopter designed and manufactured by Skyartec R/C Model Fun Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen, China. It is primarily distributed in North America by Park RC Models of Auburn Hills, Michigan USA.

Introduced on January 20, 2013, the CCPM model features Skyartec's upgraded NASA701 seven-channel computerized radio system with a ten-model memory. It is compatible with Skyartec fixed-wing models and Skyartec helicopters either equipped or retrofitted with the three-axis SKY-X303V flybarless receiver/gyro combination. A special USB interface may be used to program the transmitter and is available through Park RC Models.

Construction of the frame, skids and main blades is of a flexible plastic which resists breaking in crashes, thereby encouraging new users to practice difficult maneuvers. The factory home page linked below features a video of a Skyartec product designer demonstrating the flexibility of the parts. He further demonstrates the simple transition from the default beginner mode to the more aggresive advanced mode with the push of a button on the receiver. The mode may be toggled on and off and the board will retain its last setting prior to powering down.

The model's Skyartec VTS-01A 2g servos use a five-wire connector, meaning the control functions are on the motherboard itself much like early ParkZone fixed-wing models, only far more sophisticated. Other than the motor, there are no electronics encased in the servos. Gear sets are presently unavailable, but the servos themselves are inexpensive to replace.

Units purchased from Park RC Models are shipped with a padded aluminum carrying case and spare main blades. They also undergo a fifty-point inspection and test hover prior to shipment to insure proper operation out of the box.

Flight characteristics

Flight characteristics are excellent, especially for such a small model. Hovering and forward flight are stable, but a beginner transitioning from a fixed pitch model should be aware of differences in such things as stick sensitivity and the natural tendency of any CCPM model to more readily veer off from hover.

Transition from the regular throttle setting to idle up is seamless as set by Park RC Models. That mode combined with the advanced mode at the receiver allows for flips and inverted flight.


  • Main rotor diameter: 9.5" (240mm)
  • Tail rotor diameter: 1.5" (36mm)
  • Length: 9" (225mm)
  • Height: 3" (75mm)
  • Flying weight with battery: 1.7 oz (48g)
  • Battery: 240mAh 3.7V 25C lithium polymer
  • Motors: Brushed main and brushed coreless tail rotor
  • Servos: Skyartec VTS-01A 2g five-wire proprietary
  • Range: 2500' (762m)
  • Operator age: 14+
  • Minimum operator skill level: Experienced beginner
  • Price (USD): $149.95 including the carrying case plus shipping from Park RC Models

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