Wattaplane Edge 540

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Edge front.JPG
Edge top.JPG
Detail of the Edge's battery compartment showing the internal lite ply framework
The optional side force generator on the right wing of the Edge 540
Elevator servo shown with its extension arm

The Wattaplane Edge 540 is a foam-over-lite ply ARF airplane developed and sold by Wattaplane.com of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Based on the Skywing Edge 540, the full-fuselage, highly aerobatic 3D model is a joint development between Wattaplane and Skywing Model Plane Studio of Guangdong, China.

It is distributed in Canada by Wattaplane.com, worldwide through Beijing, China-based BestvalueRC.com and in the USA through USA.wattaplane.com in Rochester, New York.

Construction is EPP foam over an EPS foam core which surrounds a lite ply framework. This gives the Edge 540 a great deal of rigidity which exhibits none of the twisting tendencies which sometimes occur on foam-only full-fuselaged models. The sprayed-on graphics are available in either a blue and grey or blue and orange color scheme.

Introduced in September 2012, early versions of the Edge 540 use rare earth magnets to secure the wings and canopy. As of December 2012, newer versions utilize nylon bolts to retain the wing. The canopy remains secured by magnets. A full hardware package including a carbon fiber main landing gear and a Gemfan nylon spinner is provided.

Wattaplane recommends the use of an 850Kv Hengli Motor W35-42 brushless outrunner motor (a clone of a Scorpion HK-3226-900KV), a HiModel Cool 44A/SBEC BEC and a 13x6.5E propeller for best results. The motor and speed control are available only through Wattaplane.com and BestvalueRC.com at present, but similar components may be substituted.

Flight characteristics

Light wing loading and excellent balance help make the Edge 540 a precision flyer with weight bias easily adjusted via the position of the flight battery. Control surfaces which can be made to deflect up to 60 degrees aid in 3D performance. Further aiding the control throws are nylon extension arms which attach to the factory arms supplied with the recommended 14g servos.

Knife edge flight is excellent thanks to plenty of rudder throw and detachable side force generators. It is capable of virtually any other standard aerobatic maneuver yet can be flown like a sport plane.


  • Wingspan: 48" (1220mm)
  • Flying weight (less battery): 35.3 oz (1000g)
  • Length: 46.6" (1183mm)
  • Construction: EPP-over-EPS foam skin, lite ply subframe, carbon fiber landing gear strut and wing spar tube, nylon landing gear wheels with foam tires and EPP wheel pants
  • Servos: Four 14g heavy duty analog or digital
  • Radio: Four-channel or greater aircraft system; a computerized system should be used for best results
  • Battery: 2200mAh 11.1v 3S lithium polymer

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