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The Weekender Zipper P2GO or Weekender by Hitec Zipper is a three-channel, high performance, all-EPO receiver-ready airplane manufactured and distributed by Hitec RCD of Poway, California USA. The "P2GO" designation denotes Hitec's receiver-ready line of models.

The model, scarcely larger than a toy "chuck" glider, is an innovative, mini-sized club racer and represents a new class of models of this type.

It comes unpainted, but may be painted and decorated to the modeler's taste. A link to painting instructions and templates which may be used to duplicate the paint scheme on the box is linked below. The low parts count means the Zipper can be assembled and set up in about an hour. Two nano-sized analog servos are preinstalled as are a 2500Kv brushless motor and 10A ESC.

Completion requires a four-channel or greater 2.4GHz computerized radio system with a mini receiver, a 450mAh two- or three-cell lithium polymer battery with a JST connector and optional paint supplies to decorate the model.

Flight characteristics

Use of a two-cell pack provides brisk performance, but the Zipper is both faster and more maneuverable with the extra power provided by a three-cell pack. Since the model is hand launched, it is best flown over a grassy area in order to prevent damage to the underside of the model upon landing.

Control response is equally brisk and may be adjusted to the modeler's liking via exponential. No control surface throws are given in the manual; they are left up to the end user's preference.

While it won't fly out of one's hand, a firm, overhand throw with the motor at full throttle will result in a smooth launch. Rolls, loops, inverted flight and exceptionally straight high-speed turns are all possible despite the lack of a rudder.

Overall flight performance is outstanding with excellent control and excellent turning capabilities which make the Zipper suitable for pylon racing. It tracks almost perfectly through loops, rolls and inverted flight. The Zipper glides exceptionally well, so it is necessary to land with a very long, shallow approach since it may easily overshoot the runway.


  • Wingspan: 23.6" (599.4mm)
  • Weight: 5.3 oz (150.25g)
  • Length: 21.3" (541mm)
  • Construction: Expanded polyolefin airframe and spinner; steel elevator pushrod and steel aileron pushrods with nylon clevises; nylon control horns; plastic propeller; machined aluminum propeller adapter
  • Wing loading: 8.2 oz/sq ft (2159g/sq dm)
  • Servos: Three Hitec/Multiplex analog nano
  • Motor: Multiplex WB1605 brushless outrunner; 2500Kv
  • Propeller: Proprietary 4x3
  • ESC: Multiplex WE10A
  • Flight duration: 6+ minutes
  • Operator skill level/Age: Experienced beginner/intermediate; 14+
  • Manufacturer/Distributor: Hitec RCD, 12115 Paine Street, Poway, California 92064 USA
  • Price (USD): $109.99

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